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Are you looking for the best shifting services in Dhaka? Shifting home or office is a quite difficult task for all of us. It is more difficult if you are in Dhaka. Then you just need some help from others. Many companies in Dhaka provide this shifting service. They will take all the responsibilities to shift your home or office. But all are not the same. Then whom you can trust? Who is the best in Dhaka?

According to the services, Pack N Move is one of the best-shifting companies in Dhaka. They are devoted to providing you with higher and less expensive loading and unloading services. Moving is a time-eating activity and they already recognize that. That’s why they’re right here to ease your burden a little bit with their loading and unloading offerings.  They provide secure packers and movers who will ensure the foremost care and protection of your property alongside the manner of moving and loading unloading offerings.

To be a leading logo inside the shifting & loading unloading offerings zone in Dhaka through consumer pride using presenting exceptional first-class & dedicated offerings through their educated & encouraged personnel & smart moving packers and movers.

Pack N Move Services

Pack  N Move is a popular shifting company in Dhaka. They are working all over Bangladesh. They are doing very well with their services. They do every single thing need to for shifting. You don’t need to do a single work. Their main services are listed below.

Unpacking and Setup

Home Shifting

The hardest factor to do while switching homes is to move furnishings and different items however our skilled movers unit will complete your requirement properly prepared. They generally tend to promise you trouble loose moving at a low-value rate.

Packnmove considers house transferring service as its number one function. With pinnacle professionals from the packers and movers domain leading the group, their household goods relocation offerings are sincerely great. From looking after fragile crockery, safeguarding your sofa or ensuring proper automobile shifting, their residence moving crew knows how to cope with each item reliably. Whilst you want a suitable residence moving service, they are the simplest packers and movers to search for.

What to Get From this provider?

Office Shifting

Move n Pack offers an expert workplace moving provider that could help customers get their paintings finished greater successfully and efficiently. This carrier can be used for corporations of all sizes and may be custom designed to fit the needs of every customer. It affords a quick, green manner to move human beings, systems, and documents around your workplace. Plus, the provider is low-priced and reliable.

 Office shifting services include

Loading- Unloading

Loading And Unloading offerings consist of

Transport For Shifting

Logistics and Transportation for office shifting

They are doing all varieties of transport for transferring for the duration of Bangladesh, they take care of every single detail of the packing and relocation services and function with the principles of protection, integrity and reliability. Their variety of offerings encompasses home appliance transportation, door-to-door transportation, goods transportation services, heavy machines load & packing, loading & unloading, packing & unpacking, automobile shifting, truck for house moving and many others.

Packaging & Shifting

Office shifting service in Dhaka
Best office shifting services in dhaka

Pack N Move offers a set of packaging services that enable customers to focus on their core products and processes to grow their business. Packing, kitting, warehousing, just-in-time delivery, and containerization are examples of services that we custom-build to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

AC Shifting

Their professional ac transferring group can cope with all forms of ac such as cassette AC, window AC, break-up AC, and important AC and affords all services from setting up & to dismantling.

Secure & reliable AC transferring carrier

Conditioning isn’t only a luxury in life, these days it’s surely an essential part of our existence. To maintains domestic and workplace cool isn’t the best motive to use the air conditioner. It facilitates maintaining nice air inside your house or workplace. If your machine is not performing at a premiere degree you can get grimy air.

To make certain the best overall performance of your air-con device our committed and professional technicians utilize the modern-day approach, technology and equipment in conjunction with greater care. Oh sure! Additionally with pocket-pleasant value.

Domestic Electrical Services

Pack n Move is dedicated to providing the highest first-class electric services inclusive of installation and Dismantling services to ease your shifting. They prioritize advanced and efficient carriers at your doorstep thru our proven group of workers. This service provides expert electricians for electrical work like Fans, lights, Geysers, ISP, wiring, switchboard, and many other installation & dismantling.


Why It Is Best In Dhaka?

Timely Delivery

Time is the most important thing. They always take care of it. You will get your services on time. They always make sure that you will shift your things on time.

Safe & Secure

Pack N Move will shift your furniture and valuable accessories safe & secure.

Managing Hygiene

They maintain the hygiene issue.

Expert Team

They have an expert team to do all the work. They have a professional team who will provide all the services.

Budget-Friendly Service Charge

If you choose Pack N Move you don’t need to worry about the budget. They provide the best services at a low cost.

Final Thought

At Pack N Move, we are dedicated to presenting you with higher and greater low-cost service. Transferring is a time-ingesting job and we already know that. That’s why we are right here to ease your burden a bit with our loading and unloading services. We provide secure packers and movers who will make sure the gold-standard care and protection of your belongings alongside the method of shifting and loading unloading services. So you can easily trust Pack N Move as the best home and office shifting service in Dhaka.

Best Shifting Services in Dhaka.

When it comes to office shifting in Dhaka, you want nothing but the best. Relocating your office is a critical endeavor, and choosing the right office shifting service can make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of the Best shifting services in Dhaka to help you make an informed decision:

☐ Pack n Move Dhaka: 

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the first position “PACKNMOVE”. “Pack n Move” is a renowned name in office shifting services in Dhaka. They bring years of experience and a commitment to minimizing downtime during your move. Their focus on safety and tailored solutions has made them a top choice for businesses in Dhaka. Phone – +880 1712204433 Email –

☐ ProRelo Dhaka:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 2end position ProRelo. ProRelo is known for its expertise in handling office relocations of all sizes. Their team is well-versed in Dhaka’s logistics and can ensure a smooth transition for your business. They offer comprehensive packing and handling services.

☐ BD Office Movers:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 3rd position BD Office Movers. BD Office Movers is a reliable choice for office shifting in Dhaka. They offer competitive pricing and prioritize the security of your equipment and assets during the move. Their flexibility in scheduling is an added advantage.

☐ SafeBox Packers & Movers:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 4th position SafeBox. SafeBox is dedicated to providing safe and efficient office shifting services. Their experienced team focuses on packing and handling delicate equipment with care. They offer insurance coverage for added peace of mind.

☐ Dhaka Office Shift:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 5th position Dhaka Office Shift. Dhaka Office Shift specializes in local office relocations within Dhaka. They offer cost-effective solutions and have a strong understanding of the city’s traffic patterns and challenges.

☐ City Movers & Packers:

Dhaka’s best shifting service is at the 6th position City Movers & Packers. City Movers & Packers offer a wide range of moving services, including office shifting. They are known for their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

☐ Easy Movers Bangladesh:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 7th position Easy Movers. Easy Movers is recognized for its efficient and well-organized office shifting services. They have a strong focus on minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

☐ Dhaka Movers and Packers:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 8th position Dhaka Movers and Packers. Movers and Packers have a reputation for reliability and transparency. They offer competitive quotations and adhere to strict timelines.

☐ Smart Office Shifting:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 9th position Smart Office Shifting. Smart Office Shifting is known for its attention to detail in planning and executing office relocations. They provide comprehensive support, from packing to set up.

☐ Fast Movers Bangladesh:

Dhaka’s Best shifting service is at the 10th position Fast Movers. Fast Movers is a go-to choice for businesses seeking timely and cost-effective office shifting services in Dhaka. Their experienced team ensures a smooth move.

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Remember to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and obtain quotations from multiple service providers to determine which one aligns best with your specific office shifting needs in Dhaka. Each of these top services has its unique strengths, ensuring a successful and stress-free office relocation experience for your business.

How much does office shifting service in Dhaka cost?

A: The cost of office shifting services in Dhaka can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of your office, the distance to the new location, the services you require, and the chosen service provider. It’s best to obtain customized quotations from different companies to get an accurate estimate.

The business standard

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