Loading and Unloading Services

Expertise Loading and Unloading Services by Pack N Move

Pack n Move provides loading and unloading services to businesses. Our services are great for businesses that need to move goods quickly and easily. Our service is affordable, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the main advantages of Pack n Move’s service is that it is quick and efficient. The loading and unloading services can also be used for larger items, which makes it perfect for businesses that need to move a lot of things quickly.

loading and unloading services

We take care of security of your goods during relocation Services. We provides fully professional and efficient packers and movers. 

”Due to our professional staff and best support team we have earned a reputation of best packers and movers service provider award from Sheba.xyz.”

To reduce your moving cost and increase efficiency, Pack N Move are providing loading unloading services and container unloading labour services with our fully professional and trained teams. Which gives our customers the flexibility to rent their own moving vehicle or shipping container, and you can hire us to provide load and unload labor services, to release the extra stress of you doing the heavy lifting by yourself.

We are just not a regular loader supplier agent; our loading and unloading services are always performed by well trained and highly experienced professionals. Our packers and movers have the necessary knowledge and experience to finish the job perfectly in possible and most secure way. We are here to ease your hassle of loading and unloading.

Our Loading And Unloading Services Includes

  • Match marking of mechanical, electrical and piping parts
  • Decommissioning of existing machinery including removal of services and disconnection of electrical and mechanical connections
  • Removal of walkways, access platforms and other infrastructure
  • Removal of floor fixings
  • Dismantling of machinery including documenting the process and marking components if re-assembly is required at a later stage
  • Packing machinery depending on transport requirements
  • Heavy lifting to remove machinery utilizing our fleet of cranes, hydraulic gantries, forklifts, versa lifts and twin lifts etc
  • Removal and loading onto transportation as necessary

What is Excluded?

  • Pickup parking cost if required.
  • Society permission and society cost if applicable.
  • Tolls charge if required.
  • (VAT and Tax) if applicable.
loading and unloading services