Packaging & Shifting Services

Expertise & Careful Packaging service at bangladesh

Packaging service by Pack n Move is a great way to keep your products organized and protected. It allows customers to store their products in a variety of ways, including Vertical Slicing and Rolling. This service also helps customers avoid damage to their products while they are in transit.

Our Service provides customers with a professional, affordable service. It helps businesses of all sizes to move their products efficiently and effectively. By packing and moving products on-demand, businesses can save time and money while ensuring their products are properly packed and protected.


Careful, Efficient and Affordable Packaging Service

Pack N Move offers a set of packaging services that enable customers to focus on their core products and processes to grow their business. Packing, kitting, warehousing, just-in-time delivery, and containerization are examples of services that we custom build to meet specific requirements of our customers.

  • For the packing of goods, we use premium quality packaging items, packing material for home shifting and shifting machine like wrapping papers, cartons and wooden boxes to ensure the safety of your possessions.
  • The packing of goods is done under the supervision and guidance of packaging experts.
  • Our staff works tirelessly to make sure all your goods are perfectly packaged and packed in boxes and cartons.
  • Our team ensure safe and hassle free relocation by preparing a lit of package contents.
  • We are well trained with respect to handling of fragile and delicate items..